This is the diary of a woman who could and did. 

I'm 47 years old and somewhat eccentric. 

This is my view of life, as I see it.

Good Morning

20th August 2019

There's no point pretending to be something I'm not. Sometimes I can be a bitch - unforgiving, judgemental, demanding and just plain selfish. But most of the time, I like to laugh, to make others laugh, to be kind, loving and loyal. And I guess above all, I'm honest. 

Good Morning

17th August 2019

I don’t have many regrets but I do have some. Without exception, they all involve how I’ve treated someone. Hurting people isn’t nice and it stays with you for a long time. I think it’s best just not to do it. 

Good Morning

16th August 2019

Sometimes the truth is hard to face, it’s scary. It’s difficult to know how much to tell our children. But I think it’s better for them to be prepared, to have courage, as they will need it, to live in the world we leave behind. So, I think it’s better to teach courage and action versus fear and denial.

Good Morning

13th August 2019

I'm not interested in your 'Sunday Best', the sparkly part of you, that you think the world will accept. I'm interested in the real you. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the ups and the downs. That's where the beauty of your imperfection lies and where true connections can be made.

Good Morning

10th August 2019

Holiday time. Excitement and anxiety. I am a creature of habit - who happens to like exploring. So, I make the place I am exploring into my home. Then I'm no longer anxious. But you always get the transition period, between leaving one home before the next is made. A bit like life really. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Good Morning

9th August 2019

I started the day yesterday feeling agitated, resentful and just plain cross. Today, I've started the day feeling positive, organised and 'on it'. Yesterday, was actually a great day in the end. Who knows what today will be. You just have to go with the flow - having a sh•t start, doesn't mean a sh•t end.

Good Morning

8th August 2019

I'm just not sure we have this whole social media thing right. It's flooded with content and people (like me), trying to get their message noticed. It's like trying to get on the tube in rush hour - I simply cannot see the individuals, in amongst the crowd. Maybe we need to listen more and speak less..........

Good Morning

7th August 2019

I don't think anyone should be denied an opportunity because of their background, faith, culture, gender or race. It's just about giving the opportunity, to the person who can make the best of it. We are all human beings, irrespective of the labels we carry. It's as simple as that.

Good Morning

6th August 2019

I had a dream last night - I was younger, I had the world at my feet and I was making the most of it. In reality, I didn't. I was insecure, I was worried about being on my own, not being loved or wanted. There was really no need. That dream was a reminder, that I am enough, just as I am.