the thing that gives me courage each and every day


"Someone once told me the definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became"  Anonymous

My Passion


My passion, the thing that gets me out of bed everyday, is to simply empower everyone, to 'show up and own up' as themselves.  

Not to be scared of what others think.  

Not to allow judgement or social norms, to restrict their passion and creativity.  

Not to loose parts of their soul along the way and only realise they have done so, when it is too late to get it back.  

Don't just challenge the status quo - smash it into pieces, with the raw beauty, truth and inspiration, of what it truly means to be a human being living life fully, not caged by optical illusions and meaningless bullsh•t.   

Get out there, take your space, use your voice, be yourself and shake your world, until only the truth remains. 

Perfection is bullsh•t


Do you know what the most interesting thing about you is? 

 Your honesty.  

Because that enables others to see the real you.  

And that is truly unique.  

You are incomparable, because you are you.   

Your story cannot be copied and your footprint in this world cannot be duplicated.  

Everyone has their own value to offer and much of it comes from our imperfections, our failings, our mistakes and our rejections.  

And do you know what the most boring thing in the world is?  

Perfection.  Bland, meaningless and unachievable perfection.  

So, just be you, warts and all.

A love letter from me to you


It is world whale day on the 25th February each year. 

The killer whale is a role model for me, as it’s the only other mammal (apart from the short finned pilot whale) to go through the menopause with a significant life thereafter.  

In fact after the menopause, the killer whale becomes the leader of the pod - reverend for her knowledge, wisdom and beauty.  

So, this is a love letter to all of the beautiful killer whales out there and those in waiting.   

Have I told you that the exhaustion will make you rest, because you need it after so many years of hard work?  

Have I told you that those tears of sadness, will heal the wounds you’ve carried for so long?  

Have I told you that getting lost, means you will find a new way home?  

Have I told you that your body is changing, to protect you for the years ahead?  

Have I told you that your irritability is simply reminding you of the boundaries, your mind is crying out for?  

Have I told you that your need for silence, is a mirror to your soul?  

Have I told you that the aches and pains you feel, are signals that your body needs your kindness?  

Have I told you how beautiful your vulnerability, insight, wisdom and courage is?  

And have I told you that calmer waters will come, you are loved and you do matter so very, very much?   

With love  Nik x

what's on my mind today


I did not know Caroline Flack.  

I did not know her story, nor whether she was guilty of her charges or not.  

I did not know how her pain felt, her hopelessness, her fear, her sadness.  

Neither do I know how she killed herself, the agony it involved, nor the fear she felt as her final moments came to pass.  

And I can only imagine the gut wrenching trauma her loved ones are now left with.  

Today I see an outpouring of grief and sadness, in response to her death.  

But what I would like to know is, where the f*ck was love and compassion when she needed it?  

All of those trolls, the people who think they know it all and that they have the right to act as judge and jury.   

All of those media publications, that feed like starving rats, on the vulnerability of the persecuted and the anger of the persecutors.  

Where was the love and compassion then?   

Because it’s a little bit f*cking late now.   

Judgement, anger, fear, greed and ignorance takes lives.  

Forgiveness, compassion and love saves lives.  

It’s not f*cking rocket science.   

Trolls, judgers and persecutors, if you haven’t got anything good to say, please just shut the f*ck up.  

RIP Caroline Flack.

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