Managing the hell out of life

be brave, challenge the norm, tell it how it is

Raison D'Etre

I guess in a nutshell, is about helping people to redefine what makes us all a true success, to live more authentic and truthful lives, to be whole and to be able to reveal our vulnerability knowing it will be met with compassion.”

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Managing the hell out of your life


Life Coaching

Life coaching sessions are one-to-one discussions for people who need a sounding board, a psychologically safe place to explore ideas, share their fears, understand their constraints, find inspiration and access an objective view to help them make sense of what the future might look like. But perhaps most importantly, it's about helping people to find themselves - to find simplicity in an increasingly complex world, to trust your instincts, to accept discomfort and uncertainty and transform it into opportunity and adventure!

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when two worlds collide - the power of human connection


A co-authored book

My co-author Asha and I found something in each of us, that together, was greater then the sum of our individual parts.  And that connection has given birth to our book.

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A partnership of like minds


The Intelligencia Club

A community of curious, collaborative and courageous leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and non-conformists from all industry sectors – professionals who want to do things differently, to learn and inspire change and growth.

The Intelligencia Club fuels and fuses talented business leaders’ enquiring minds through intimate conversation, support and challenge.

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