the different ways you can connect with me


Content is everything

We all have our own methods of communicating, particularly when it comes to social media.  

I think that's fine - no one size fits all.  

For me, the important thing is the value of the content created.  

To share content that inspires people, adds to our knowledge and challenges the status quo, is what it is all about - however you choose to do it.  

Greensleeves was written in the court of Henry VIII, to woo Anne Boleyn.  

We didn't have the internet or mobile phones back then, but we still recognise Greensleeves when we hear it.  

It's been passed down the generations by word of mouth - still the most precious form of communication we have.  

Good content withstands the test of time.   

Our delivery vehicles will change, today it is social media, tomorrow, who knows?  

So, always focus on the content and make the best of whatever delivery vehicles, exist at any point in time.  

I post my random thoughts and blogs on LinkedIn and duplicate them on my facebook, instagram and twitter page, most days.  I run a closed facebook group, for those who want more privacy.  And then there is my website, an extension of me, where my eccentric world is brought together, in the hope it can help others.  

Please do connect with me, in a way that suits you.