I believe passionately in partnership working. To establish genuine and honest connections, to learn from one another, to inspire new ideas, to combine our knowledge to create new knowledge and to keep our minds open, curious and questioning. 

I am delighted to have such great partnerships, at both an individual and organisational level - without them, I simply would not be whole.

Partner Organisations

Inspiring Women Changemakers

Inspiring Women Changemakers

Inspiring Women Changemakers


IWC believes that women's rights are human rights.

As a movement, IWCs supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Many of their members are working towards these in the UK and internationally.

Their particular focus is Goal 5 – Gender Equality. We know that women all around the world experience disproportionate inequalities in pay, health, education and access to finance.

As long as these gaps persist, it is to the detriment of all. This is why IWC have a focus on those who see themselves as women and girls, and why all parts of society are invited to help them achieve that mission.

Additionally, the Founder Anj works intensively with at least two mentees per year to develop changemakers of the future.

I am a member of IWC, trying to make the world a better place for all.

The Career Mum

Inspiring Women Changemakers

Inspiring Women Changemakers


A facebook group setup to support, empower and inspire people. 

It is a  closed group, for all (whether you work or not, a mum or not, all are welcome), to get careers advice, discuss that work dilemma or even the challenges you are having, trying to do it all. 

There’s amazing experience in the group and someone will be able to help.

In the group one of the life mottos of it's founder Amanda Newman applies ‘no rules only consequences!’ 

Everyone is encouraged to  act with integrity and with a collaborative mindset at all times. 

As well as offering a supportive and safe environment to reach out for help, the group also runs mentoring circles across the UK and on-line coaching sessions each month.

I am an active member of the group, I facilitate the Leeds mentoring circle and run some of the on-line coaching sessions.

It maybe virtual but it feels real - a great community to be part of.

The Intelligencia Club

Inspiring Women Changemakers

The Intelligencia Club


The Intelligencia Club is a community of curious, collaborative and courageous leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and non-conformists from all industry sectors – professionals who want to do things differently, to learn and inspire change and growth.

The Intelligencia Club fuels and fuses talented business leaders’ enquiring minds, through intimate conversation, support and challenge.

I work in partnership with The Intelligencia Club, to support deep and meaningful human connection, that transcends seniority, class or function.

It's a safe place to have honest and transparent conversations, without fear of judgement or prejudice.

BizCatalyst 360

BizCatalyst 360

The Intelligencia Club


Biz Catalyst 360 is an award-winning, business, culture, and lifestyle multimedia digest, poised as a one-stop resource for anyone and everyone seeking fresh, timely and topical insights, intelligence and information. 

Their hallmark from day one remains fresh, actionable, original and syndicated content daily all presented in a polished, user-friendly format. 

They focus on storytelling at its best, crafted to break through the social media content overload surrounding us all. 

They scan dozens upon dozens of knowledge bases around the globe daily while curating original thought leadership authored by their “hand-picked” Panel of over 400 Contributors spanning six continents. All in their quest to provide you with a selection of the very best “storytelling” available today, and all matching our unwavering 3-pronged criteria; Significant, Timeless and Actionable.

I work in partnership with bizcatalyst360 to share my stories and also learn from them.

GoodWorks 360

BizCatalyst 360

GoodWorks 360


GoodWorks 360 provides completely free expertise and skills to not-for-profit organisations. 

Nonprofits embody the best spirit and values of human nature. They help millions of individuals and families daily. They protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits. Nonprofits also give shape to our boldest dreams, highest ideals, and noblest causes. They turn our beliefs into action - as promoters of democracy, champions of the common good, incubators of innovation, laboratories of leadership, protectors of taxpayers, responders in times of trouble, stimulators of the economy, and weavers of community fabric.

GoodWorks believe all nonprofits deserve access to the most brilliant minds in social impact.

The GoodWorks team is passionately dedicated to helping nonprofits – locally, nationally and internationally enhance sustainability via streamlined access to high-impact pro bono services. 

I work in partnership with GoodWorks 360 to provide pro bono consultancy.

Go Coach

BizCatalyst 360

GoodWorks 360


GoCoach know that growth is fundamental to the happiness of all human beings. 

It is their mission to make it easy for everyone to grow in their careers, unlock their potential, and achieve greater happiness.

GoCoach envision a world where people have the tools they need to grow in a transparent, safe, and supportive work environments. 

By making career growth accessible, they are investing in a happier, more empowered world.

I work in partnership with GoCoach to provide business and transformation coaching.


Actually was founded by Sara Price, whose purpose is to empower visionaries to use great communications, to change the world. 

Sara has 25 years of experience to bring to Actually clients, having advised some of the world's leading brands, charities and individuals. 

Actually offers training, advice and support to social enterprises, charities, campaign groups and change-makers, who want to have an impact and change the world, for the better whether that's saving their local High Street or saving the planet. 

To find out more visit:  

Sara is happy to offer you a half hour, free and no obligation, diagnostic call to discuss any aspect of your communications, campaigning or vision. If you'd like to take her up on this offer please book a call using this link:  

Please include the reference NIKD after your name on the scheduling form. 

Individual partners

Mike Youngman

Shannon Faulkner

Shannon Faulkner


Michael is a Chartered Engineer and Certified Project Manager. 

Michael specialises in shaping and delivering  large-scale technical transformation programmes. 

He is an alternative thinker who likes to apply his technical expertise to the creation of original ideas. 

Michael uses his deep technical knowledge and content rich advice to help people achieve more by doing things  differently.

Shannon Faulkner

Shannon Faulkner

Shannon Faulkner


Shannon is a specialist in the Financial Services Sector. 

Her experience covers consumer and business markets including both prime and near-prime finance.  

Shannon supports clients across the entire finance journey including the thorny area of arrears, litigation and recovery. She is passionate about her industry and actually understands Bitcoin and AI!  

She is constantly looking to expand her knowledge, inspire others and generally seize the day.

Susie Chambers

Shannon Faulkner

Susie Chambers


Susie is an all singing, all dancing Education and facilitation expert and that's no joke! 

Susie is a professional musician as well as being a successful Thought Leader and Project Manager. 

Susie is the National Policy lead for England and Wales on Family Learning, Intergenerational Learning and Community Learning. She is passionate about Education but also brings a truly fresh and alternative approach to facilitating workshops, inspiring creativity in people and communicating complex and sensitive issues.

My Co-Author, partner and a life long friend - Asha Pillai

I met Asha through the facebook group, the career mum. She is an exceptionally talented writer, wonderfully compassionate person ,with a highly intelligent and curious mind.  

Quite simply, an exceptional human being.

I am blessed to have met her and even more blessed to be able to call her my friend. I love writing and talking with Asha. I am extremely proud to be co-authoring a book with her and cannot wait to share it with you  all.

What does Asha think about me!


"I first met Nik online, on a facebook group 'Careermum', through her hard-hitting, soul crushing vlog on grief. The vlog spoke about her father’s passing and it was a difficult watch. I then chanced upon another blog of Nik's, on financial freedom. She’d written an honest and brave account of her spending ways and how she was cutting back. 

By then I was fascinated. At the time, my co-founder and I, were trying to resuscitate a blog we’d founded in 2014, by the name 'lives less ordinary'. We’d just interviewed and written about Amanda Newman and I jumped at the opportunity to interview Nik. By the time I finished the interview with Nik and wrote an article about her, I was convinced Nik had more layers that a 3000 word blog post and that she was worth a book. 

We finally met at an Intelligencia Club dinner and then spent a couple of days together at a 'change makers' retreat, in the pristine Lake District, facilitated by Anj Handa. And the Nik I’d imagined I’d meet in real life, was that and so much more. 

She had so many layers to her personality. She was authentic and charming and a great listener. And she has a great personal style that she blogs about on her Lily Isabella website and social media. She is a brilliant coach, which I had the privilege of experiencing in the Change makers retreat. She listened to me with empathy, asked me probing questions and drew me a chart on my next steps. I still have the chart as my life plan, which I hope to execute eventually. 

One of Nik’s vlogs that inspires me to this date, is about her multi-faceted career and how one individual, need not be about just one thing. She is the most authentic, honest, open, courageous person I have ever known and she is willing to share her incredibly rich experience and insights selflessly. 

The world should lap it up. " Asha Pillai, finance professional, writer and all round exceptional human being.

Some examples of my experience

National Home and Fashion Retailer

National Home and Fashion Retailer

National Home and Fashion Retailer

Strategic Procurement Review - using consultants to understand consultants, 'poacher turned gamekeeper' - an interesting view!

Leading On-line Fashion Retailer

National Home and Fashion Retailer

National Home and Fashion Retailer

IT Strategy and Change Programme Support - using IT to do things differently.

Global Manufacturer

National Home and Fashion Retailer

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

Supply chain performance review - digging into the heart of the organisation to find out what was really causing the problems in the supply chain, unexpected and interesting answers! 

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

Helping a family run business take the next step up - implementing structure but only where needed, building performance models to help inform operational decisions and looking at the longer term picture to understand future opportunities.

IT Provider To The Retail Sector

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

IT Provider To The Retail Sector

Helping a well established organisation within their area of expertise think 'outside of the box', to identify other opportunities, widen their horizons and look for new avenues of business.

AgeUK/Help The Aged

The Extraordinary John Starkey Apples

IT Provider To The Retail Sector

1. Developing an innovative plan for the future of Charity retail shops bringing together a number of cross Charity functions

2. Taking an in-depth look at an existing division to understand it's strengths, challenges and how it could be developed to bring it closer to the charities core purpose

3. Development of a truly innovative and pioneering volunteering strategy. Working with the Charity to set up a team to deliver the strategy.