“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself.” Bryant McGill


organisational transformation

Delivering 'seemingly impossible' transformation for the future

My core purpose is to help organisations find a better way to deliver genuine transformation - the 'seemingly impossible'. I see the world as constantly evolving - change is the norm.

"You can't change things without changing them" Dave Trott

I believe that profit is only as good as the value it can create. Organisations need to be living communities, with a genuine, 'heart-felt' purpose, led and delivered by it's people. 

I embrace  'Teal' as part of my core  philosophy -  it guides me, I do not believe in dogmatic interpretations, nor do I believe that one size fits all. It's about understanding each individual organisation and tailoring solutions based on genuine needs and requirements.

I am passionate about helping organisations become a place, where people chose to work, creates a real sense of purpose, embraces the 'whole' of the person and enables creativity, innovation, failure, passion and life. This manifests itself in many ways including: 

1. Developing common, purposeful goals and a psychologically safe community

2. Providing an innovative and creative environment, where failure is embraced, not punished

3. Providing a real focus on people, developing unique and useful products/services and doing what is for the best

4. Delivering outstanding outcomes, driven by the passion, engagement and motivation of people.

People want stability and dignity in their life - of which work is such a fundamental part. 

So much is possible, if an organisation can marry these two aspects in our brave new world. 

The future is today - take action and start your voyage of discovery now.

If you would like to embrace the future and achieve the 'seemingly impossible', please drop me a message, I would love to chat more.

My core philosophy

In you are interested in Teal as a management philosophy, Frederic Laloux expresses it beautifully in his book Re-inventing Organisations, or you can listen to his insightful series of videos - please just click the button below to access his website.

What can be done?


What is required?

What is required?


I help organisations create truly inspiring visions and how they can achieve the 'seemingly impossible'. Whilst the services may sound mainstream, the application of them is anything but. They include:

1. Strategy development -  development of a clear and meaningful purpose and a set of cultural and operating principles by which you will realise that purpose

2. Business transformation  - creating and embedding buy-in to the organisation’s purpose, developing a self-managed team culture, fit-for-purpose operating model and organisation structure

3. Performance Management -   developing metrics for organisational performance which include team and individual performance management relevant to a self-managed and innovative team culture

4. Troubleshooting and understanding where you are now - carrying out honest reviews to truly understand what really needs to happen in order to be the change you want to see

5. I also offer my own form of coaching for those who want to engage in a more personal way -  'transformation rumble partnerships'. These partnerships can be organised as one-to-one sessions or with small groups. The aim of the 'rumbles' are two-fold: a) to provide a safe space for you to share your vulnerability, challenges and frustrations, without fear, judgement or reprisals and b) to access expertise, skills and knowledge to help you make the impossible possible and step forward as daring and inspirational leaders of transformation.

What is required?

What is required?

What is required?


I believe there are 5 critical ingredients required for effective business transformation:

1. Trust - creating a culture that enables self managed teams and peer management, therefore creating the freedom of a 'trust' based organisation

2. A common and purposeful goal that matters - people need to matter, what they do needs to matter, add real value and a sense of achievement

3. Self managed and empowered teams - step outside of the norm, explore flexible working and embrace true diversity

4. A creative and innovative culture - create the space for ideas to germinate and grow, allow failure, encourage play and experimentation

5. Engage the whole of a person - don't draw a line between professional and personal persona's - embrace all of a person, their personality, beliefs, culture, intuition, skills and constraints. Find a way to play to their strengths, don't penalise them for their weaknesses.

What do people say about me?

"I worked with Nik on a strategic review and found her to be a consummate professional. Her approach to problem solving is well defined, with clear deliverables and knowledge transfer to the client. I found that her project methodologies were robust and they delivered exactly what was agreed at the outset.

I particularly enjoyed working with Nik. She has a clear understanding of key issues facing our business and brought a very welcome challenge to the project design. We certainly benefited from her broader expertise and appreciated her flexible approach whilst still being committed to delivering the original objectives. 

She is very aware of the client's key drivers and worked hard to deliver a project within very tight timescales, both to time and to budget.

I wouldn't hesitate to consider Nik for future business". 

Head of Procurement for Business Services, Large UK Retailer

Transformation rumble partnerships


What are ‘transformation rumble partnerships'?

They are for people leading, involved in, shaping or struggling with organisational transformation and change.

The partnerships can be organised as one-to-one sessions or with small groups. 

What are the aims of the 'rumbles'?

1. To provide a safe space for you to share your vulnerability, challenges and frustrations, without fear, judgement or reprisal.

2. To access expertise, skills and knowledge to help you make the impossible possible and step forward as daring and inspirational leaders, for transformation and change. Btw you don’t need the title of leader to lead change!

What else do you need to know about our 'rumbles'?

They are challenging, supportive, psychologically safe sessions, to help you see the ‘wood for the trees’ and navigate your way through the labyrinth of change, in a positive and constructive way. 

We will work out a way forward together and create a physical ‘blueprint’ to help you get there and act as your compass. 

If you need to let of steam, find a way forward, look for a way to operationalise your ideas or simply access a sounding board, who has trodden this path before, then a transformation rumble may well be for you.

how do rumbles work?


Interested in having a transformation ‘rumble’ partner?

This is a new type of consulting - transformation rumbles, or in my words, someone with whom you can have a honest and genuine conversation, about your challenges. 

These will be one-to-one, confidential sessions, to help you navigate your way through the labyrinth of transformation. 

Your first conversation with me is free and is an exploration, to see whether I can help you, add value to your situation and most importantly, whether you feel comfortable with me. 

If you decide to go ahead, I charge £175 per session (approx. 1 to 1.5 hours).


Have you got other's that you feel comfortable 'rumbling' with?

Instead of a more intimate one-to-one session, the collective and individual perspectives of the group, are added into the mix - this can make for a really powerful day. 

But remember, having the difficult conversations and sharing your vulnerability amongst your peers, is not for the faint hearted, so you do need to be ready for this as a group.

The group sessions are limited to 6 people and I advise half a day - they are quite intense and it's important to have time to digest the outcomes of the session.

I can do a full day if you are feeling brave, or have a lot to get through, just be prepared for an intense day.

The half day sessions are £800 and £1,500 for a full day.


What now?

You do not need to have a set of specific requirements - we are talking transformation here. 

It may be you need someone to help unravel and simplify your challenges, or you would like to tap into some expertise and experiences of people who have walked this way before, or you may need some inspiration and new ideas, or you may just need a safe place to share your frustrations, fears and challenges. 

We will work it out together, that's transformation.

Please drop me a message if you are interested in having an exploration call and I will get back to you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

It's that simple.

Sometimes we all need a hand. I am here to help.

let's have a conversation

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I love meeting people, so please feel free to arrange a time and place to meet or I can have a virtual coffee via video.