managing the hell out of your life


Initial one-to-one session

Our life coaching sessions last approx. 1.5 hours and the first one is free -we need to get to know each other a little and it's really important that the process suits you. There is no 'one size fits all'.

Going ahead with the sessions

If you decide to go ahead with the sessions,  we will arrange them at a mutually convenient time. The sessions cost £50 each, payable via Paypal - I will simply invoice you once we have agreed the date. Payment is required before the session - please!

How many sessions do you need and how frequently?

There is no set answer here. It is a highly individual process and we will work this out, as we explore your aspirations and challenges. My initial advice is no more than every 2 weeks  - you need some time to process and action the output from each session! 

What happens in the session?

The session is structured but flexible - sounds like a dichotomy right?! We will start off with a structure - to get us going, then go 'off piste' a little as we delve into certain aspects, then come back to a structure, to enable you to have a 'compass' to accompany you on your journey. We will explore your hopes, dreams, constraints, frustrations and opportunities. You will be questioned and challenged, as a way of helping to move your thinking on. Sometimes those questions will be difficult, sometimes not. Either way, you will be guided to move forward - to change what you can, accept what you cannot and define how you want your reality, you values and your measures of success to look like.

What is the outcome of the sessions?

Clarity on your journey, your values, your reality, your destination and an operational blueprint to help you get there. Plus a relationship, hopefully made for life or whenever you need to dip into it.

What now?

Just drop us a line and we will arrange to chat, that's it! Very much looking forward to connecting and helping you manage the hell out of life!