Let's talk

A safe place to have a conversation

Our facebook group is about having a conversation, about difficult and sensitive issues. To use our collective knowledge to help others tread where they may not have been before. Our rules - be kind, be honest and be you x https://www.facebook.com/groups/285898015282



It's great to meet you, here's a bit of my background

I am a management consultant by trade ( www.n2-consulting.org ). My comfort zone is order, logic and applying analytical tools to solve problems. I am also an observer of life and an eccentric with a passion for fashion and interior design ( www.lillyisabella.co.uk, instagram 'lillyisabellastyle'). I am a mother to 3 children, wife to another equally eccentric individual and owner of 4 dogs, 2 rabbits, 1 hamsters, 5 chickens and 2 ducks.  

After returning to my career after taking time out with my family, I found that my perspective and priorities had changed, as had the world I was returning to. I decided to carve out a new place in that world and also mould some of it to fit me too. 

I see life from quirky angles, shaped and moulded by my experiences and the enormous world of information, knowledge, kindness and evil that we now live in. I like to write - about all sorts, it’s completely random based on an experience, a feeling, an observation, being offended or being happy. I like the truth, you can’t airbrush life and neither do I want to. I think it’s important to talk about the difficult stuff, to be honest and find a more authentic and meaningful way to live and interact as humans.

I often talk about finding ‘The Third Way’. It’s a philosophy about life, having a personal life as well as a career, making money and being socially generous, being logical and sensitive, living by the rules of a society but not being afraid to challenge or change them, inspiring others to feel good but not for your own ego, giving rather than taking. Theses are just a few of the things that spring to mind when I unpick what the third way means for me.

It may be, that there are other individuals out there who have a similar view on life or feel a similar motivation to write about their experiences, to peel back the superficial layers we cover ourselves in and tell it ‘how it is’. To find their ‘Third Way’ and change our normality to something more authentic and real to live by. If so, I hope you will find my slightly mad ramblings interesting and amusing. 

Please feel free to contribute - the only rules are respect and kindness for each others thoughts. I look forward to meeting you all, albeit remotely.