It's great to meet you, here's a bit of my background

First and foremost I am a mother, home-maker and 'change maker'. I have a portfolio career, all underpinned by one core philosophy - to make life better, by empowering us all to be ourselves. 

As James Victore says “Your purpose is to figure out who you are." 

I am passionate about finding a way to help us all live a more sustainable life, I call this my ‘Third Way'. To help us re-define what success looks like, to live more authentic lives and to be our 'whole' selves.

"Your biggest fear is not spiders or sharks - it's you. It's the fear of expressing who you are - lest someone actually see you.“ James Victore

And that is where the real problem lies, if we do not allow our true selves to be seen, we will never lead the life that we are meant to. And that leaves us with something far worse than fear - regret.

So I feel the fear and do it anyway  - each and everyday by living my Third Way.

On a practical level that means:

1. Helping organisations achieve the 'seemingly impossible' and experience genuine transformation, driven by engaged and motivated people. 

2. Showing up and owning up, sharing my stories and challenges honestly, via blogging and vlogging, to help others embrace theirs and be their true selves. 

3. Helping individuals to rise, find their way forward through discovery sessions, a combination of coaching and consulting techniques. 

4. Being a student of life, constantly learning about better ways to live our lives, both at work and play, to share that knowledge and to help create curious and empathetic leaders - which we all have the ability to be, regardless of gender, age, seniority, function or anything else for that matter. 

5. Running an artisan fashion and design business, to encourage us all to be ourselves and at the same time, respect our planet by recycling and up cycling. 

My career has two acts, before and after my break, which I took to focus on my children and recover from PND, but I also experienced grief, discovered what mortality really meant and learnt a lot about this mad this called life.

I practice the management philosophy 'Teal', brought to life beautifully by Frederick Laloux, I follow the work of Dave Trott, James Victore, Dan Pink, Corporate Rebels, Claude Silver, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mark Manson, Kathryn Mannix and Brene Brown, to name but a few. If they enable me to 'build on the shoulders of giants' and make the world a better place, I'm interested.

I’m an eccentric trying to make the most of my life and that of others, each and every day.

Nik x


Let's talk

A safe place to have a conversation

Nikdavis.com has a facebook group, a place to have a conversation, about difficult and sensitive issues - the menopause, grief, addiction, depression, judgement, shame and anything else lurking in the shadows that needs bringing out into the light . To use our collective knowledge to help others tread where they may not have been before. Our rules - be kind, be honest and be you x https://www.facebook.com/groups/285898015282



103 The Eye is the award-winning community radio station. I was delighted to be interviewed by Ling Pang. We discussed PND, the menopause, depression, truth, being vulnerable, our need for genuine connection and this mad thing called life. Enjoy x


I am sincerely hoping this is of help to others - a podcast I recorded with the delightful Kevin Guthrie, as part of radio Newark’s mental health and well being series.

Raison d'etre

I guess in a nutshell, nikdavis.com is about helping organisations and people, to redefine what makes us all a true success, to live more authentic, purposeful and truthful lives, to be whole and to be able to lead from the heart with vulnerability, empathy and trust.

Sharing is caring

I’m a sharer - I share all of my experiences, good and bad.   I share because not sharing hurts me and it hurts others.   It feeds a false reality, where people are hoodwinked into living up to a set of standards, that simply do not exist. I share because I don’t want anyone else to feel alone, isolated and broken.    

What do people say about me?

"Nik is an exceptional human being who I would wholeheartedly recommend without reservation. She brings a real passion and drive to everything she does. Nik has an amazing ability to connect at a deeply human level with others. She inspires people to achieve more than they thought they could. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Nik successfully balances a focussed, results driven approach with high level people skills. Her level of insight and emotional intelligence is a real gift, and she shares these gifts freely and selflessly in order to benefit others. Nik achieves all of this with a relaxed, warm and friendly manner which makes her a joy to work with." Kevin Miller Managing Director, Apex Human Resources

daily mantra's


You have to be the change you want to see

Don't just talk about something, find a way to do it, make it happen.


You have to be in it to win it

Get out there, be seen and be heard.


They can only say no

What's the worst that can happen? You get a no or you get ignored, so what - eventually someone, somewhere will say yes.


You do belong

You will always belong - to yourself, if others want to join you without trying to compromise or change you, that's fine. 


You are the author

It's your life and your story. You get to own it and write the ending.


Play the hand

You may not get to deal the hand, but you can  sure as hell play the life out of it.