People with something interesting to say

My Dad


An utterly charismatic man with many words of wisdom, pillars of strength and an infinite supply of unconditional love. I was blessed to have him, what more can I say.

Winston Churchill


"Success is going from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm". A giant of a man who never fails to inspire me especially when I feel that things are impossible.

Maya Angelou


A role model since my teens when I studied her for my A Level in English. A woman with beautiful words and a rare wisdom not often found with such humility and kindness. An angel in human form. 

Vivienne Westwood


A brave, eccentric and honest woman who not only brings beauty to our world but also knowledge and wisdom to our minds. A life long role model for me for being different, being brave and being herself.

Richard Branson


A larger than life character who has faced adversity, got it wrong at times and been successful for who he is not what he is. I think a genuinely nice guy who is exciting, truthful and innovative.

Bill Gates


An unassuming intellectual who has driven innovation and embraced philanthropy throughout his life. I find his writing soothing and interesting and love the lack of ego and pomp surrounding him.