the might of words

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe

Each day, I share my thoughts as honestly and eloquently as possible. I do that to remind myself of what's important, to inspire others and to help us all be the change, we want to see. 

There is no agenda, premeditated theme or even planning that goes into these posts. They are just the thoughts in my mind, as they appear, at that time.

I hope they can be of help to someone, somewhere each day.

Words to inspire



Courage is on my mind today.   What does it mean to me:   

1. Walking into school, alone and isolated after being ostracised by my friendship group, standing tall and being myself.  

2. Starting a new University in my final year, after the end of a love affair that went horribly wrong, with no friends and no self-esteem left.  

3. Turning up to interview after interview, taking the sterile, impersonal comments and retaining my self belief, until I found someone that believed in me too.  

4. Finding the strength to trust and love again, when my only experience beforehand, had been deeply traumatic.  

5. Walking into a hospital room, day after day, with a smile, a dash of pink lipstick and joy at getting to spend time with my dad, despite the cruel death he was living out on a daily basis.  

6. Walking into a church full of people, unable to hide my grief, to say my final goodbyes.  

7. Watching my children’s lives unfold and being there to catch them when they fall. 


8. Saying sorry when my heart is breaking, but I know I cannot ask someone else to carry my anger and sorrow.  

9. Stepping out and telling my truth, each and every day, to help me grow, accept myself and support others to do so too.  

They are a few of the things, that spring to mind when I think of courage.

Role Models


I sometimes worry that when we find a role model, someone who speaks to our core, we can become blinkered and stop thinking for ourselves.   

Role models are important, learning and curiosity is important, but you are also your own role model.   

Others words and people can inspire you, provoke a thought, reveal a perspective, but they cannot and should not stop you thinking for yourself.   

They are your guides, but you get to take the walk.   

Please always remember to question and think for yourself, even if that means going it alone,  otherwise you loose your wisdom and humanity looses part of its rich tapestry.  

Action Versus Courage


My take on the relationship between courage and action.   

Courage without action is really frustration, regret and un-lived potential.   

Action without courage, is really meaningless ‘busyness’.  

But put the two together and you have a truly transformational approach, that can really change things, including ourselves for the better. 

Sympathetic Joy


Johann Hari talks about sympathetic joy in his book ‘Lost Connections’.   

The basic concept is that if you can feel joy at other people’s happiness, then you have a never ending supply of it, as even when things are sh*t in your own life, you can enjoy the happiness in someone else’s.   

I think this principle applies to all aspects of our life, including social media.   

If you are simply posting for the most likes, looking for a viral story or a brief moment of fame, you are destined to be disappointed.  

The minute you post, so are millions of other people - it’s about the depth of engagement not breadth.   

Therefore, if you post content with the intent of inspiring others to action, encouraging curiosity or widening perspectives, your post will have a legacy that lives on beyond your ego, you fleeting moment of fame.   

It will have made a positive difference to someone, somewhere, somehow.   

And that means, it doesn’t matter who else is posting what, because your post is bigger than you - it’s an idea, an inspiration, a call to action.  

You never know where your words will land or who they will help, so carry on posting and don’t worry about how you compare to others.  

Transform Don't Change


Transformation is not about simply doing what you have already done, but in a slightly improved or different way.   

Transformation is about doing something you haven’t done before. It’s scary, uncomfortable, lonely (most people will not ‘get it’) but most important of all, completely and utterly liberating.   

Whether at an organisational or individual level, you have to let go of the past, unlearn your constraints and fears and then you can truly set your mind free, to create your own reality.  

Competition and judgement cease to exist - no one cares about your ego in transformation, they care about the transformation, they care about courage, they care about the new possibilities, they care that you gave it a go. And if they don’t now, they will do afterwards.   

Genuine creativity sits at the very heart of transformation - because it’s about thinking the unthinkable and taking action.  

Redefine failure as growth, see reality as variable not fixed and change your perspective - we are all creatives, no matter what we do.   

Stop farming ‘over-farmed’ land, look to new horizons, leave the pack and do something today and everyday, that can transform our world, no matter how small, for the better.   

Transform don’t change. 

Think The Unthinkable


It was 1993, Andrew Sullivan, a journalist was diagnosed with AIDs. It was a terrible time - there was no cure and prejudice was rampant.  

Andrew took himself off to die. He decided that his parting birdsong, would be to write a book - 'Virtually Normal'. The book suggested the unthinkable - gay people should be able to get married.  Andrew could see no other way, in which gay people could be freed from shame and self-hatred.  

When the book came out, it was harshly criticised, by both right wing parties and the gay community. Andrew thought his work had all been for nothing and he would die not having made a difference.  

25 years later, Andrew is alive, his book sparked a movement and was quoted in a key supreme court ruling, declaring marriage equality for gay people.   Andrew also received a letter from the president of the USA, telling him that the fight for gay marriage, succeeded in part because of him. He was invited to the Whitehouse for dinner and that President was black.  

Enormous social changes happen because people think the unthinkable and have the courage to come together and do something about it.  

So, today and every day, think the unthinkable.  And please read Johann Hari's book, Lost Connections, from which this story was taken.

I am......


I am what I choose to be.   

I choose to be kind.  

I choose to be honest.  

I choose to be brave.   

I am not what others think of me or think I should be.   

And neither are you.   

You are who you choose to be - nobody gets to take that freedom away from you.  

Please don’t let yourself get stolen. 



It’s easy to judge others when things are going well for you.   But judgement leads to prejudice, barriers and a lack of understanding.   

So what happens when things do not go well for you?  You hide it because your afraid of judgement and what people will think.  

It’s a circular situation right?   

So, please don’t judge because until you have walked in the shoes of others, you do not truly understand the one simple truth, we can all miss - they may simply be doing the best they can, given the circumstances they are presented with.   

Life is messy, sh*t happens and you never know when that might be your world.   

Bad things can happen to good people.   

Let’s be there for each other with open arms not a judgemental mind. 

Define your own reality


I am one of the many 1,000's of women who stepped of the career ladder to focus on their families.     

But now I've returned, the children are getting older, my brain aches for stimulation and I am bursting with ideas - although sadly not energy, whilst I move slowly through the menopause.   Even so, my brain works perfectly well, whether resting or working.    

In all honesty, my career break has enabled me to learn more than when I actually worked.   

I want to inspire and help move the world of organisational transformation on - to deliver truly groundbreaking change.     

But make no mistake, I'm still a mum and homemaker - these roles will always be my top priority.   

I have no desire to return to a 60 hour working week, build an empire or be ‘that important’.  I just want to use my brain, to do what I do well, without compromising the very heart of me - my family.   

I don't think this requirement is gender specific, nor only for parents. I think this is just a basic need, that we all have to make the very best of our lives.    

We are in the midst of the Fourth Revolution - we are looking at how to create life on Mars, surely we can create a more meaningful way to work and live?  

I believe that we make our own reality, anyone interested in joining mine?



Mark Manson's new book 'Everything is F*cked - a book about hope', talks about hopelessness as:  "the uncomfortable truth, a silent realisation that in the face of infinity, everything we could possibly care about quickly approaches zero."  

He has a point, we all die right? 

Does that mean we have no hope, no future?  No, I do not believe so and neither does he.   It is precisely because of this fact, that we should all seize the day, today.  

Our time here is short, no one is getting out alive.  

Very few of us are handed our dreams on a plate.  

All of us will experience loss at some point.  

We will all feel fear and be judged.  

But, we are not hopeless because we do have choices:  

1. We can think about mortality with a different perspective - to enable us to understand that we do have an end date and to live in the present, as fully and authentically as possible.  

2. We can listen to our instincts to understand our dreams and go after them, rather than allowing others to steal our minds and crush our spirit - no one, but no one gets to tell you what to think about yourself but you.  

3. We can embrace the sadness of loss and grief as part of us, because feeling keeps us alive and reminds us that we care and that means, we always have hope.  

Live your life, your way today.

Seize the day


We all simply belong to ourselves:  "you only are free when you realise you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all" Maya Angelou  

I'm a 47 year old woman. I have returned to work following a career break where I suffered from PND, experienced mortality and became the full-time carer for my children and home-maker.  

I've struggled with:  

1. Self-esteem - my career defined me, I only realised that when I gave it up.  

2. Addiction - I only realised I had an addiction when I simply could not stop, despite the destruction it caused.  

3. Judgement - I often did things because of what other's thought of me, not what I thought of myself.  

4. Mental Health - I lost myself because I had put on so many layers, I no longer knew who I was.  

5. A tough menopause - my body simply gave up on me and switched of the required hormones before my brain was ready.  

You need to define your own reality, belong to yourself and no-one else.  

1. Motherhood is not the end of your career, it is the start.  

2. Grief can break you, but you will get back up.  

3. Age is liberating, you finally learn not give too many f*cks about irrelevant stuff.  

Seize the day, it's never too late to be you.

Today is as good as it gets


Define your own reality.   

Stand tall as you.   

Help others as you.   

Redefine our world as you.   

Whether at an individual, collective or organisational level, transformation happens everyday.   

Let’s do it for the right reasons.   

Let’s engage our hearts, minds and souls in the process.   

Let’s drive it from a place of authenticity, care and meaning.   

Let’s use it to define a reality not yet created, which works better than the one we have now.   

Let’s make it count by making others count.   

Let’s be ourselves collectively, embracing the strengths of our differences.  

Let’s live with the courage to believe in ourselves, without needing to crush others in order to do so.   

One of the truest sayings ever ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.   

Would you like to live a life of unfulfilled potential and a relentless ache to do more or come with me and change the world by accepting ourselves?   

Every one of us counts - our thoughts and actions matter. We are all capable of creating change, for the better, one step at a time. You just need to take that step.   

Today is as good as it gets.   

Remember the future is now.