What is it all about?


Managing the hell out of life

nikdavis.com is based on three core building blocks: being brave, challenging the norm and telling it how it is. It is about being authentic, being whole and re-defining what makes us all a true success. In a world of 'optical illusions', proactively encouraged by social media, this is a 'push back' to get behind the illusion and share how life really is. Let's celebrate our vulnerability and 'wholeness', share our failures without shame or guilt and value ourselves for who we are - warts and all. Welcome to the real world!


The 'Third Way'

I have a basic philosophy that guides how I live my life. It is called the 'Third Way'. That philosophy consists of 3 key building blocks:

  1. Being brave - the strategic driver or vision
  2. Challenging the ‘norm’ - a tactical driver which is more tangible and can be attributed to a subject, cause or issue
  3. Telling it 'how it is’  - an operational driver and comes to life through blogs, articles, solutions etc


Core Objectives

My Third Way has 6 objectives which are a tangible expression of how it manifests itself in my life (it will be different for everyone). They are:

  1. Having a family and career, they are not mutually incompatible but I have purposely put family first otherwise what is it all for?
  2. Earning money and being socially responsible. 'But for the grace of god go I.' Never miss an opportunity to help someone less fortunate than you. What is the point of money if it makes us forget our humanity?
  3. Being logical and sensitive. Using your brain to solve a problem does not absolve us from caring about how others feel - without compassion what sets us apart from a robot?
  4. Respecting rules but challenging them when required. 'All it takes for evil to prosper is for a few good men to do nothing’, need I say more?
  5. Inspiring others to feel good about themselves but not to feed your own ego. Helping others is food to feed our soul. Ego is a dangerous, judgemental and mean spirited friend, bin him/her
  6. Give rather than take. It does not matter if this is a 'one way' street. What matters is your humanity and kindness. At the end of the day it’s our conscience we answer to not anyone else’